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KM Partners Advocates (KM Partners) is an innovative Law Firm in Kenya with its core areas of practice being: Projects; Infrastructure; Corporate and Commercial Law. We believe that prudent conventional practice dictates that lawyers offer solutions to clients. However, experience has shown that there can be many complexities in those that appear simple and our unique value proposition is to highlight and solve all the complex problems that the human eye may not identify. This is why we set ourselves apart by acknowledging that efficient use of innovation is imperative in modern legal practice.

At KM Partners, the legal principle of “justice for all” is an integral part of our ethos, and being fully aware that legal representation is not affordable to all, we have made a commitment to dedicate a significant part of our practice towards pro bono services as our contribution to ensuring affordable legal services to everyone – for responsible and sustainable business.

Welcome to KM Partners and be part of the positive legal practice transformation!

Practice Areas

Banking and Financial Services

We cover all areas of perfection, monitoring and enforcing securities in the shortest time possible. We deliver on turn-around time and our solid contacts at various government departments ensure that we offer seamless services in all aspects of a securitization process.


Commercial Law

We advise on all aspects of joint venture agreements; agency agreements; banking and securities; taxation; regulatory compliance; leasing; trademarks; patents; copyright and intellectual property; public-private partnerships; mergers & acquisitions; legislative drafting;


Conveyancing and Real Estate Transaction Advisory

Our work includes advising on land transfers; land purchase agreements; lease negotiation and agreements; service charges; securities (charges, mortgages); searches; real estate finance; planning and environmental law and other real estate work streams.


Corporate Law

We assist our clients in all aspects of corporate and transactional law in conducting legal due diligence; incorporation of companies; registration of business names; company secretarial services; drafting and registration of shareholders and investor agreements;


Employment Law

The firm’s broad-based employment practice includes the following: employment law advisory services; development of staff manuals/codes of conduct; employment contracts – including advising clients on queries relating to labour law;


Immigration Law

We advise on all aspects of entry/work permits; residence permits; citizen registration; visas and training for international students; visitor visas; extension and change of status; deportation protection and waivers for residency requirements.


Artificial Intelligence

“As computational technology and artificial intelligence matures, more people will be able to have better access to justice. – Monica Bay, Fellow, Stanford Law School CodeX”

Artificial Intelligence as an essential value proposition in legal practice is quickly changing the status quo. We are on the cusp of a revolution in the legal profession and much like how email changed the way we do business every day, AI will become ubiquitous-an indispensable assistant to practically every lawyer.

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